TORONTO, ON –Two new reports are being released concurrently that expose the high level of violence, abuse and harassment against staff employed in Ontario’s long-term care homes.

An in-depth, peer-reviewed investigative study on violence against staff in Ontario long-term care homes has just been published. The study, titled “Breaking Point: Violence Against Long-term Care Staff,” was conducted by Canadian researchers, Dr. James Brophy and Dr. Margaret Keith, who are associated with the University of Windsor and the University of Stirling in the UK. They held group interviews with long-term care staff in seven Ontario communities.

What the researchers heard is that long-term care staff are bloodied and broken both physically and psychologically.

“Long-term care homes in Ontario are largely staffed by women. Their work is based on compassion and care,” says Dr. Keith. “And yet, they themselves are expected to tolerate an environment in which physical, verbal, racial and sexual aggression are rampant. Adding to their burden is the implicit threat that they will be disciplined or fired if they speak publicly about these abuses.”

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