Because since becoming prime minister, Justin Trudeau has broken more promises than he has kept. Whether it’s his broken promise to end corporate tax loopholes and reform Canada’s outdated and unfair electoral system, or his use of back-to-work legislation against striking postal workers, Trudeau has let us down and he needs to know Canadians expect him to keep his promises.

Because Conservative leader Andrew Scheer calls himself “Stephen Harper with a smile”—and smile or no smile, we refuse to fall back to the ways of the Harper era. The Conservative Party hasn’t learned much since their loss in 2015. In fact, they’re more callous and intolerant than ever. If elected, we know Andrew Scheer will slash funding for important public services like health care, roll back action to prevent climate change, and hand the reins of government over to big money and special interests. We can’t let that happen.

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